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You Are Magic Saree

You Are Magic Saree

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  • Fabric Satin Georgette
  • Colour Pink and Yellow
  • Length 5.5 M
  • Blouse 1 M
  • Height of Saree 44 Inches 
  • Ready to ship

Immerse yourself in the whimsical world of our latest creation, the Pink and Yellow Mickey Magic Saree! This enchanting saree features a delightful blend of pink and yellow hues, adorned with charming Mickey Mouse motifs printed all over. Adding a touch of Disney magic, the pallu showcases a captivating "You are Magic" digital print, drawing inspiration from Disney's timeless stories and representing the inherent magic that each woman possesses, making her a universe's magic in her own right.

Crafted from exquisite satin georgette fabric, this saree is a unique and creative concept exclusively available with our brand. It embodies the spirit of Disney's iconic tales and celebrates the individuality and magic of every woman. Designed for women with a young mindset who are fierce, vocal, and unafraid to express their bold choices, this saree is a true reflection of empowerment and creativity.

Not only does this saree exude vibrance and style, but it is also affordable and low maintenance, ensuring practicality for the modern woman. The flowy fabric drapes beautifully, enhancing each movement with grace and elegance.

Step into a world of fairy-tale magic and empowerment with the Pink and Yellow Mickey Magic Saree. Embrace your inner enchantment and style with this exclusive design that captures the essence of femininity and strength, encapsulated in a chic and extraordinary piece that is as timeless as Disney's captivating stories.

Although we try to make sure that the saree Colour is 90% matching the actual saree, there could be some variations due to camera , lights and screen resolutions on which you are viewing the saree.

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